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Capacity Book Mailers are a type of packaging material designed specifically for the safe and secure shipping of books or other similarly sized items. Capacity Book Mailer is made of high-quality, strong, and durable 400gsm corrugated cardboard, featuring a unique F-flute design. The F-flute design refers to the type of corrugated cardboard used, which is a thinner and more compact corrugated layer than traditional corrugated cardboard, making it ideal for the packaging of smaller, flatter items

One of the primary benefits of F-flute Book Mailers is that they provide excellent protection for the items contained within them. Additionally, the F-flute design provides an extra layer of cushioning, which helps to absorb any shocks or impacts that may occur during the shipping process. Capacity Book Mailers also feature a self-sealing adhesive strip, which allows for easy and secure closure of the package. This feature ensures that the book remains securely inside the mailer throughout the shipping process, further reducing the risk of damage or loss. The self-sealing strip also makes it easy for the recipient to open the package, as they can simply pull on the tear strip to reveal the contents inside.

Ideal for a range of sizes, which allows flexibility in shipping a variety of different sizes of books. Particularly useful for book publishers, retailers, and individuals who need to ship books of varying sizes.

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Howard White

Your packaging items have helped me a lot in protecting my products during shipping and have received great feedback from my customers as well.

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The range of packaging items you offer is impressive and I am always able to find exactly what I need.

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Your competitive pricing and commitment to value have allowed me to save money without sacrificing quality. I appreciate the balance you strike between affordability and excellence.

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Your willingness to work with me to solve any issues that arise has earned my loyalty. I appreciate the way you prioritize customer satisfaction and work to make things right when there are bumps in the road.

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Your commitment to social responsibility and giving back to the community is admirable. I appreciate the way you prioritize people and the planet alongside profits.