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Plain Document Wallets

Plain Document Enclosed Wallets – Envelopes

Plain Document Wallets are a safe way to store documents. You can send documents, such as invoices, statements or instruction manuals in document enclosed wallets. Our range of envelopes is made from high-quality materials and designed for protection and security. The envelopes can be easily identified amongst other packages, as they are marked with the words “Documents Enclosed” across the front. Inserting documents is quick and simple. They are resistant against tampering and wear. They are not standard Plain document wallets. They have self-adhesive stripes that fold and seal the documents. You simply slide the documents into it. It saves time and reduces the amount of paperwork.

Plain Document Enclosed Wallets

Document Enclosed wallets are made of polythene film and are tear-resistant. They will keep all your documents in tact. These are easy to manage and use, which makes them an excellent addition to your office supply storage cabinet. Choose between transparent or white Document Enclosed wallets. Transparent versions make it easy to see the contents. Our enclosed envelopes are available in sizes A4-A5, A6-A7. There’s an envelope to suit your needs and documents. Bulk purchases will save you time and ensure you’ll never run out. All documents will be sent safely and securely with our Document Enclosed wallets. All Document Enclosed wallets are eligible for next-day Staples delivery. Online orders will be delivered to your business or home address.

Customer Reviews

Howard White

Your packaging items have helped me a lot in protecting my products during shipping and have received great feedback from my customers as well.

Amelia Allen

The range of packaging items you offer is impressive and I am always able to find exactly what I need.

George Bailey

Your competitive pricing and commitment to value have allowed me to save money without sacrificing quality. I appreciate the balance you strike between affordability and excellence.

Mia Atkinson

Your willingness to work with me to solve any issues that arise has earned my loyalty. I appreciate the way you prioritize customer satisfaction and work to make things right when there are bumps in the road.

Louise Crouch

Your commitment to social responsibility and giving back to the community is admirable. I appreciate the way you prioritize people and the planet alongside profits.